• Blue-fronted AmazonAmazona Aestiva

A Monograph on Amazon Parrots

Paintings by Elizabeth Butterworth
Text by Rosemary Low

Number of plates: 28
Size of plates: 11.5 x 9.5 inches (29 x 24 cm)
Paper: Mellotex
Colours: 8 to 10 per plate
Number of pages: approximately 200
Size of pages: 17 x 14 inches (43 x 35 cm)
Paper: Invicta Parchment, mould made, matching the background colour of the plates
Type: Monotype Calvert
Maps: One full page showing range of genus. 25 small showing local distribution of species.
Printer: Text and plates printed by offset lithography at CTD Printers Ltd, Twickenham, Middx.
Binding: Full silken cloth in a colour as brilliant as the birds’ plumage, protected by dark, cloth covered, drop-back box.
Hand bound by Smith and Settle, Ilkley, Yorkshire.
Edition: 500 numbered copies as follows:
400 Standard copies bound, boxed. signed by author and artist.
70 Special copies bound, boxed and signed as above, accompanied by hand coloured etching or engraving.
25 Fine copies bound in full leather, signed as above, accompanied by original watercolour sketch.
5 Exemplary copies bound by James Brockman of Designer Bookbinders, signed by artist, author and binder.
Accompanied by original of one of the gouache paintings in the book.
Published by Rudolphe d’Erlanger.